Currently hardwood timber flooring is one of the most popular choices in homes, and previous generations of homeowners are testament to the appeal and durability of Australian hardwood flooring.

Solid timber floors are timeless, offer a unique individual look and feel to any home. They are easy to clean, maintain and are non allergenic which is a great bonus in today’s busy lifestyle. The versatility of a timber floor can’t be beaten and will definitely add value to your home.

Blue Ridge Hardwoods has invested heavily in the very best technology and trained staff in order to deliver a product that is up to the demanding standards that people expect. We are committed to providing flooring that not only provides great character and warmth to any individual home, but to ensure the most exacting standards in processing, drying, machining and quality control. We are particularly proud of the fine finish on our flooring, which should lead to reduced costs and time associated with sanding.

We recommend that inspection of our 180x19 wide board floor is a key consideration prior to purchase. They are simply wonderful as a display of color and markings within a broader format and would appeal to anyone searching out a more visual representation of our native timbers.

Our flooring is end matched to minimize waste and supplied in random lengths varying from 1.2 to 6.0m long. We supply it in its full color spectrum. It is supplied in 3 grades, those being Select, Standard and Natural Feature Grade (NFG).

Select Grade

This grade focuses on the cleaner, clearer boards that we produce, along with variety in grain, growth rings, texture and colour, and incorporates a limited array of natural markings and features.

Standard Grade

This grade highlights more of the interesting character marks such as gum vein, insect trails and markings than Select, but in a more subdued format than NFG.

Natural Feature Grade (NFG).

Nature’s selection. This grade captures the essence of the harsh Australian bush. Droughts, fire damage, and seasonal distress are imprinted on the grain forever. Repeated gum streaks tell the history of fires and drought. Intriguing insect markings allude to the period when the tree was nature’s host to insect and decay.


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Environmental Credentials.

1. Regional Forest Agreements (RFA’s). A joint initiative between federal and state governments to set out the principles and strategic framework for the cooperative management of all forests, and to ensure effective conservation, forest management and forest industry outcomes.

Forest Practices Code. This document provides clear guidelines and minimum standards of all timber harvesting operations throughout NSW.

Environmental Protection Licence Conditions.

Forest Soil and Water Protection.

Threatened Species Conservation Licence Conditions.

2. Accredited, independent, third party continuous auditing of all forest management practices.

3. Compliance with national and international Certification Standards, in order to achieve “world class” environmental outcomes.

Our timber products come from certified multi-aged and regrowth forests. They are sustainable, renewable, chemical free and are regenerated in a way that mimics nature, in order to maintain biodiversity and other environmental outcomes. These forests are grown by the energy of the sun and the products we produce from them are the only carbon positive commercial building product available. They are recyclable and only use minute quantities of fossil fuel in their conversion compared to other building products such as aluminium and steel.


There are five main flooring species being:
Southern Beech
Shining Gum

The universal advantage of these species is they are harder and therefore more resilient to wear and tear than Vic. Ash and Tassy Oak


As a feature floor they don’t come much better than this. This unique Australian hardwood has pale brown tones tending towards a smoky pink that brings a warmth and natural appeal to your home.

Silvertop is often peppered with insect markings and gum veins which is a standard characteristic of Eucalypts grown in South-East Australia. Being one of the hardest timber flooring species in our collection it makes a very durable floor that will assist in withstanding the rigors of even the most hectic lifestyles.

Density Janka hardness Moisture Content Grades Dimensions (mm)
820 kg/m3 9.5kn Kiln dried to 9% - 12% Select, Standard and Natural Feature Grade (Limited in Select gr.) 80x19, 130x 19, 180x19

Southern Beech

Southern Beech is our common name for this hard wearing hardwood. As one of the lighter species it is proving to be very popular in current interior designs, where the blend of subtle lighter colours tend to make the spaces look larger and the natural markings make it a fabulous addition to any home.

As flooring material Southern Beech wears well having an above average hardness rating of 6.4kn. The texture of the wood is quite even and often has a very interesting interlocked grain that is commonly scattered with gum vein and old insect trails.

Density Janka hardness Moisture Content Grades Dimensions (mm)
780kg/m3 7.1kn Kiln dried to 9% - 12% Select, Standard and Natural Feature Grade (Limited in Select gr.) 80x19, 130x19, 180x19


This Specie is proving to be one of the most popular and attractive flooring timbers around the country. A beautifully coloured wood that is a warm nut brown colour with tinges of muddy pink. One of the most appealing aspects of this timber is the interesting range of natural characteristics and insect trails that occur as a result of Australia’s harsh climate. These features blend just right with its closed grain allowing designers and home owners to create a stunning natural look, not dissimilar to recycled flooring.

Kiln dried specifically to match the high demands of flooring this timber is very hard with an above average (Janka) hardness rating making it a great choice for both residential and commercial applications. It is available in 3 versatile widths.

Density Janka hardness Moisture Content Grades Dimensions (mm)
870kg/m3 8.5kn Kiln dried to 9% - 12% Select, Standard and Natural Feature Grade (Limited in Select gr.) 80x19, 130x19, 180x19

Shining Gum

The most recent addition to our portfolio is from East Gippsland in Victoria and have included it in our range as it generally offers a cleaner, more pure alternative than other species. The predominant color is a milky pink and straw and is quite subdued in its grain, lending itself to those designing with a minimalist approach. It would also be suited to color staining. Availability will not be until October 08.

Density Janka hardness Moisture Content Grades Dimensions (mm)
700kg/m3 5.8kn Kiln dried to 9% - 12% Select and Standard 80x19, 130x19


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